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Hello my lovelies :D I hope y’all are having a wonderful day (and if you aren’t, then I sends tons of huggles and your fave ice cream your way :3)!! Um… I’m going to be going on hiatus. There are some things in my real life that need to be dealt with, and I just feel like I need to do that away from Tumblr. Tumblr is great and all, but I spend way too much time on here, so I think it’d be for the best if I step back and try to organize my life. It won’t be forever, and hopefully it only lasts a month or so. So yush… I hope y’all understand. Bye for now ^^


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song qian giving her self made cake to her fans ヽ(^o^)ノ

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"am I shitty person or are my parents guilt-tripping me" a novel by me

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jinki watching jongtae from afar

jinki thinking about how close they got esp since taem and jinki stopped communicating during sherlock

jinki giving jong advice when he excitedly asks for jinkis opinion on what hes writing for taem

jinki silently wishing he could compose or that taem would ask him for singing lessons

jinki not being able to speak bc of his surgery during taems first performance and only being able to jump up and down excitedly and squishie taem but not say the endless congratulations he wants but taem getting excited and distracted when someone else talks to him and being pulled away before their hug was even over

jinki shoving all of it down and smiling like a good sport so he can be the receptive supportive leader his members need when taem gets buried under a pile of proud staff hugs

jinki feelinlike a jerk bc hes not a jealous person but he feels like hes losin his maknae

jinki aching on the inside but putting himself second bc thats all he really remembers how to do

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[140816] Tao looked really worrried. He kept on looking back to check if the fans got injured. He seems angry at the bodyguards as well.


T/N: Rumors in the Chinese media were circulating that the EXO members were rude at the airport when it was their staff’s doing. One being that Tao hit the fans with his bag (he didn’t have his bag at that time for the record). The c-fans are trying their best to clear things up by providing videos and pictures.

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back to school looks


back to school looks

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remember to wash your bedding 1 - 2 times a week especially during summer

cause its alot more difficult to get sleep when youre laying on dirty bedding

also get good smelling laundry detergent. bc sleeping on good smelling stuff is just plain wonderful

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from zero to internet explorer how ignored do you feel

white pencil crayon.

Terms and Conditions.

Warning label on cookie dough packages. 

“You must be 18 or older” webpage warnings



First piece of bread in a loaf.

Will Smith’s second son

Wait he has a second son?

imagethis is what comes up when you google will smith’s children

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A fan spotted Jonghyun standing at the side of the stage and he was watching Taemin perform the 3 solo songs. (Source: pannnli)

He wanted to see the monster that he created.


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Desireé Dallagiacomo - “Thighs”

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"If we were impatient, we could’ve released an album with 4 members, but it would be pointless because f(x) will only be complete with 5 members

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